Many clinicians hear us mention the informatics team, yet a large number may not know what that means. We’re lucky at Seattle Children’s to have a robust team of clinicians who have taken on extra learning, training, and in some cases certification in informatics. Our clinical informatics team consists of several specialties, and is listed below. Our goal is to work with clinicians and with IT to make the experience more effective, efficient, and enjoyable for end users.


Our teams


Physician informatics

Rod Tarrago, MD (CMIO, critical care informatics and medication safety)

John Bastien, MD (anesthesiologist, peri-op informatics)

Brian Cartin, MD (hospitalist, immunization and downtime)

Sri Grevich, MD (rheumatologist, ambulatory informatics)

Brett Leggett, MD (hospitalist, provider documentation)

Mike Leu, MD (hospitalist, clinical standard work and fellowship director)

Mark Lo, MD (ED physician, ED informatics and telehealth)

Dane Mejias, MD (urgent care physician, UC and OBCC informatics)

Carlos Villavicencio, MD (hospitalist, clinical standard work informatics)

Dale Lee, MD (peds GI, ambulatory informatics)


Nursing Informatics

Carol Shade, DNP, RN (Director of Nursing Informatics, Training and Technology)

Rachel Campos-Felizardo, MSN, RN (Acute Care Inpatient, Dialysis, Behavioral Medicine, Peri-Op and Ambulatory informatics)

Ali Berger, MSN, RN (Critical Care Inpatient, Respiratory, and Meds Process informatics)

Laura Graham, RN (ED, Clinical Standard Work and Data Analytics informatics)

Andrea Bakke, RN (Urology Clinic RN, Ambulatory informatics)

Dawn Albin, RN (Surgery Clinic RN, Ambulatory informatics)



Kelsey Bierlein, RD (dietitian, nutrition informatics)