We’re upgrading our CIS code in February. For the first time, we will be implementing many new tools at the same time as the new code. These tools will allow clinicians to be more effective, more efficient, and to use a system that is more intuitive.

Some key previews of what is coming:

  1. We will be changing the view of orders to be more intuitive, more efficient (using tab and drop downs) and be consistent with the current view of prescription ordering
  2. We’ll be adding a new cross-encounter┬áreconciliation tool to be used by PBMU and rehab
  3. We’re adding the CIS family and social history tools so that clinicians don’t need to keep asking the same questions over and over.
  4. We’re also changing the default order window set up so that a pop up window doesn’t pop up when ordering, reducing clicks by one for every ordering conversation.

Stay tuned to the February edition of the newsletter for specifics of what new functionalities will be rolled out. Our new code goes live on February 26.