Seattle Children’s will be deploying iPads to patients in clinical areas. See the information below for specifics. The link needs to be accessed internally.

iPad logistics

  • The surgical unit is first phase of inpatient deployment.  Using a pilot to test operations, adoption and to identify any issues and learning for subsequent roll outs.
  • iPads are for patient and family use, and are assigned to each bed
  • Environmental Services will clean the iPads per their standard room cleaning
  • UC’s are the first tier support for the patients and families.  UCs will have extra chargers and cords.
  • At discharge iPads will be reset to factory settings, erasing all previous users content, logons, etc…

Regarding video education:

  • What: Providers can prescribe educational videos to patients and families via CIS.  The full list of videos exists here –  link.  It will be updated tomorrow with the videos that are orderable vis CIS. Education videos can be ordered via the Patient Video Education Plan.
  • Why: Educate patients and families throughout admission for procedures, medications, treatments, and discharge planning.
  • How: Work with the RN to determine what education needs to be provided/ordered. MD and RN can place the order.