Over the next few weeks, badge readers will be installed in clinical care areas throughout the hospital in preparation for tap in, tap out capability, scheduled to go live September 25th.  Once launched, provisioned clinical staff will be able to sign in and out of VDI computers simply by scanning their badge.  Staff will be required to enroll prior to go-live. If badge readers are present on your unit feel free to self-enroll while logged into your VDI (follow instructions using this link).  Users will not be able to tap in until late September when the software will be turned on.

If users are not able to complete the registration (or have a yellow triangle) you might not have been provisioned.  Seattle Children’s has a limit on licenses and certain positions will not be provisioned.  Please report any issues to TITO@seattlechildrens.org.

Go to Tap In, Tap Out Project page on CHILD to learn more.