We’re changing in order to better meet the needs of our clinicians, especially as our integrated EHR project ramps up. As our physician informatics team has expanded, we’re going to assign 3-5 specialties to each of our physicians. We will send this out in the next few weeks. Here is our current Physican Informatics team. Look for communication from us in the very near future.

Rod Tarrago, MD, CMIO (Critical care)

Brett Leggett, MD (Hospitalist)

Brian Cartin, MD (Hospitalist)

Carlos Villavicencio, MD (Hospitalist)

Mike Leu, MD (Hospitalist)

John Bastien, MD (Anesthesia)

Mark Lo, MD (ED)

Sri Grevich, MD (Rheumatology)

Carrie Heike, MD (Craniofacial)

Dale Lee, MD (GI)

Dane Mejias, MD (Urgent Care, OBCC)

Jake Dahl, MD (ENT)

Patrick Javid, MD (General Surgery)

Terry Chun, MD (Cardiology)