On September 12, we will begin offering access to our clinical portal (MySeattleChildren’s) to our 13-17 year old patient population.  This is an important step forward in engaging our patients in managing their own care.  Parents/guardians of this age range will have proxy access to include ability to message with providers/clinic staff, view appointments, and view allergies only.  Adolescents will have full access to all health record information we share on the portal.  There will be a consent process in clinic to support these new accounts.


At the same time, we will introduce Sensitive Messaging within Message Center.  This will allow users at Seattle Children’s to choose which individuals associated with the patient will receive a message via the portal, such as communicating with the adolescent only or parent only.


Key wins for family and staff:

  • New display on MyHome to show patients who are members of our portal, who have a need for a blind weight, or who can be invited to join
  • More information for staff who invite patients/families to tell who is registered to any portal account
  • No need to document portal invite status in 2 systems; all work will be done in CIS going forward for the MySeattleChildren’s portal
  • Access to our portal between 13 and 17; this was previously not available