We continue on the fast-paced Epic EHR project. Our Epic team is working on testing the system, and our clinician experts continue to work on content. We’re busy developing inpatient, ambulatory, and surgical order sets, with the goal of building over 500 order sets and order panels. We’re also working on documentation templates to make work as efficient and as complete as possible. There are many other activities ongoing, including:

  • Assessment of our needs for microphones for voice recognition
  • Planning for the rollout of and communication regarding the patient portal consolidation
  • Scheduling for Epic training this spring, including classes, training of our STS (specialists training specialists) instructors, and personalization labs
  • Initial validation of our data conversion from our current EHR to our new Epic EHR
  • Recruitment of superusers for our go live support

As always, if you have questions, feel free to contact Rod Tarrago or Carol Shade, or go to the Epic Journey web page on CHILD