The Nutrition and Nursing Departments are partnering on a new barcoding system to track breastmilk and formula. Under this new system, milk will be centralized in the Milk Lab and tracked using new barcoded labels. The Milk Lab will also add processes to pasteurize and centrifuge breastmilk internally, allowing us to provide the benefits of breastmilk to more of our patients who need it most.

While there are many benefits to this new way of managing milk storage and delivery, the most important is patient safety. The new process allows us to ensure safe preparation,  administration and inventory.

The new system will go live on Jan. 15, and training will be provided to those units impacted by this change. More information is also available on CHILD.


Project Sponsors:

Carol Shade, Director Nursing Informatics, Training & Technology

Sarah Zarelli, Manager Patient Nutrition Services