We’re happy to announce two new members of our team. General surgeon Patrick Javid has joined our team to help represent several of the surgical specialties. Trevor McLay, as part of the APP fellowship, has also recently joined our team and will bring extensive experience and will represent the APP perspective and also that of the MCC team. Welcome to you both. With the addition of Patrick and Trevor, we now have an amazing team of 16 physicians and now APPs that will represent all specialties in the integrated EHR project and beyond. See below for each specialty’s representative. We will work closely with you to make sure you get the most out of our current CIS and future Epic system.

John Bastien (Anesthesia): Anesthesia, Pain medicine, PASS

Brian Cartin (Hospitalist): Behavioral health, BMT, Neurology

Terry Chun (Cardiology): Cardiac transplant, cardiology, CT surgery

Jake Dahl (ENT): OMFS, Audiology, Ophthalmology, ENT, Plastics

Sri Grevich (Rheumatology): Allergy/immunology, Rheumatology

Carrie Heike (Craniofacial): Biochemical/Genetics, Craniofacial, Dentistry, Research

Patrick Javid (General Surgery): General surgery, Neurosurgery, Urology

Dale Lee (GI): GI/Hepatology, Liver/intestinal failure, Neurodevelopmental, Solid organ transplant

Brett Leggett (Hospitalist): Hospitalists, Rehab, Pulmonology/Sleep

Mike Leu (Hospitalist): Infectious disease, Pathology, Lab

Mark Lo (ED): Adolescent/Gyn, ED, IR, Radiology

Trevor McLay (MCC): General pediatrics/MCC

Dane Mejias (Urgent Care): Dermatology, Endocrine, Odessa Brown, Urgent care

Rod Tarrago (PICU): Cardiac intensive care, Critical care, Neonatology, Orthopedics/sports, Hematology/oncology

Carlos Villavicencio (Hospitalist): Hematology/Oncology, Nephrology