The new Problem List allows for quick entry. It also does away with the concept of problem vs. diagnosis. Instead, problems are divided into “this visit” and “chronic.” This visit problems will be coded with ICD-10 and chronic problems will be coded with SNOMED. Problems can be changed in category and resolved with a single click. As a reminder, a chronic problem is defined as one that is anticipated to last more than one visit or encounter. We hope that this new, easier to use method will encourage the use and clean-up of the CIS problem list. That will allow us to leverage it for improving the care of our patients.

The old and new problem list in the Table of Contents

To use this, go to the Table of Contents and look for “Problem List.” The old view is called “Diagnoses and Problems.” If you want to enter a new problem, select whether you want it to be a “this visit” (diagnosis) or a “chronic” (problem) problem. Then just put it into the search window and decide what you want to enter.