We continue on our journey to improve discharge medication list quality. Over the last year, we have improved our quality, decreasing the medication error rate from 23% down to 14%.

med rec

Many clinicians have asked how they can participate in this quality improvement. For providers doing medication reconciliation, we recommend these simple steps:

  1. Look for the red – in the admission or medication reconciliation tool, any medication “flagged” as potentially containing an error should have those comments in red text. These include several compliance comments including “duplicate prescription” and “not taking.” Providers should look for these and attempt to correct them. compliance 3
  2. Grab the low hanging fruit – medication lists may contain duplicates and expired medications. Any provider can fix these errors, and fixing just one at a time can “pay it forward” and make med rec easier for the next user. More importantly, it will improve med list quality for the patient.
  3. Communicate – there are some medications that a given provider may not feel comfortable updating/correcting. These include those prescribed by a specific subspecialty or in a specific situation. In these cases, sending a CIS message center message, with a request to update or correct the medication, to the prescriber can help improve the med list quality for the patient.