As part of our CIS code upgrade, we will take advantage and roll out several improvements aimed at making clinicians’ lives easier. For screenshots and more detailed information, please go to the CIS page on CHILD.


The list of improvements includes:

  1. Cross-encounter reconciliation – to be used in rehab and PBMU to improve efficiency and safety for patients being transferred
  2. Enhanced order details – a new view to orders, using boxes and leveraging the tab key for faster navigating
  3. Two charts – providers will now be able to have two charts open simultaneously to minimize the need to close out charts during interruptions
  4. Powerplan order filtering – a feature that quickly allows users to see what orders have been “activated” in a powerplan prior to signing
  5. Histories – to reduce duplication of work and improve communication, the CIS family and social history sections have been turned on and can be used/accessed by any clinical user
  6. Remove add order pop up window – to reduce clicks, the pop up window (that requires clicking “done” after every order conversation) will now be defaulted to off
  7. Enhanced patient search – new columns have been added to the patient search to improve the ease of searching for a specific patient

We will have rounders helping end users leverage all of these cool new features.