We’re well on our way in our integrated EHR project. We’re done with direction sessions, and adoption sessions are coming up in June, July and August. Many decisions have been made. Those decisions not made are being worked on in advisory councils and SME workgroups. In addition, clinical system design is kicking off, where we will start to design the content of the system, both generally and specialty-specific.

We are restructuring the physician informatics team to improve the communication with all physicians and APPs and their specialties. Each informatics physician will be assigned to 3-5 individual specialties to act as a resource going forward, through go live and beyond. Once these assignments are done, we will send out the information to each specialty. In addition, we’re in the process of identifying the 1-2 provider champions from each specialty who will be the main champion for communication, training, feedback, and improvements. These champions will help design content for the system and for the training curriculum, and will also be the main clinical trainers for their groups. A similar process has begun with nursing and other disciplines, although with a bit different structure.

Look for more information coming soon. For now, we all keep working hard toward our transformative May 30, 2020 go live.