On August 22nd, changes were made in nursing documentation to improve CLABSI bundle documentation compliance.  As an organization we aim to improve better outcomes by reducing harm rates, including a target goal of 2.5% reduction in non-MBI CLABSI rates for FY18.  Since implementation of the CLABSI Prevention bundle iView documentation in 2016, we continue to work with nurses to enhance documentation in an effort to highlight risk prevention, lower CLABSI rates, and fit into the nursing workflow.

The Nursing Informatics team seeks to continually improve nursing documentation.  The re-design of CLABSI documentation came as a response to feedback from nursing staff.  Feedback included confusion around criteria for the visual cue (CLABSI pie) that documentation is complete,  complexity of answer choices, and workflow issues.  Clinical nurses and unit leadership spent a day reviewing  current issues and collaborating on solutions.

Key changes resulting from this collaboration include:

  • Simplifying criteria for pie color changes
  • Removal of IView fields and choices deemed unnecessary
  • New BID task to replace a continuous task, to support q 12h documentation
  • Standardization of CLABSI icon on all My Home dashboards to be present when Central Line dynamic group is activate

Stay tuned to learn more about the other ways we are working to improve visibility of Central Line documentation to enhance treatment and care.