Our engagement with clinicians related to our EHR assessment has led to great conversations. There are many perceptions related to our EHR and EHRs in general that based part in truth, and part in myth. Here are some of those, with some facts.

Myth: Our EMR does not allow us to copy content forward in our notes.

Truth: The choice to pull forward certain information in provider documentation is an organizational decision based on legal and compliance recommendations.


Myth: Our EMR doesn’t support dot phrases.

Truth: We have the ability to build out both organizational and personal dot phrases. Simply contact our training team for help.


Myth: Our EMR doesn’t have a mobile solution

Truth: Our vendor has mobile solutions for message center, prescription refill, and some ambulatory workflows. These have not yet been prioritized for roll out at SCH.


Myth: We don’t have a good solution for online ambulatory provider documentation.

Truth: We are finally beginning to leverage Dynamic Documentation in several clinics, and this will be rolled out globally to other ambulatory areas over the next few months.


Myth: We can’t show patient insurance information in our EMR

Truth: Our IS interface team has the ability to do this, similar to other information pulled in from our ADT/revenue cycle system. SCH has chosen to not include this information in the interface.


Myth: Our current CIS doesn’t support taking pictures of patients and putting them into the EMR.

Truth: We have not yet invested in the needed technology and software for this to occur. It is generally available.


Myth: CIS doesn’t allow us to track medication requests

Truth: We will be adding a tool called Pharmacy Patient Monitor and Enhanced Medication Request. This will be available with the CIS code upgrade in February 2018