On Monday, Feb 26 from 12-230am all Cerner applications will get a code upgrade. All applications (CIS, FirstNet, RadNet, PathNet, SurgiNet, and PharmNet) will remain available during the upgrade. 

  • Users may encounter minor slowness, error messages and/or freezing during the event
  • At approximately 2am, users will receive a message to exit out of Cerner applications. They can immediately log back in
  • CareCompass will not load during the updgrade
  • There will be a short period of interruption between CIS and interfaced systems, including Epic starting at 12am and ending at about 1220am. No data will be lost and all messages (discharges, transfers, admits, notes, orders, results, etc.) will be sent and processed from 1220-1230am.
  • The CIS upgrade will introduce changes to the looks and feel of orders and deliver new functionality within CIS. These changes will become available during the 230am-10am timeframe. At approximately 10am, users will be alerted to exit Cerner applications and log back in to allow all changes to take effect. IS team members will be rounding starting at 1am, and the service desk at 7-1111 will also be available.