On 10/11, inpatient and ED nursing positions in CIS will see a simplified Communication Types list that will align with an updated policy per Nursing Practice guidelines. Review Orders RN May Update or Place in the Medical Record policy to learn more.

A quick look at the updated definitions for communication types includes:

  • Per Protocol/Policy/Conditional Orders: Orders that are within scope for a nurse to place without routing to an MD for a co-sign.
  • Verbal: Orders that a nurse places that are not within scope; when selected will route to MD for co-sign. (Used only in an emergency)
  • Standing Orders: *For ED/Urgent Care and Occupational Health ONLY*  A nurse may place certain orders, under specific circumstances, defined by policy; when selected will route to MD for co-sign.

Continued efforts are being made to also address communication types in other locations/areas, such as Ambulatory.