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Cool new stuff in our integrated EHR

We’re working on hard on building our new EHR. The IT team is working on the settings, and our clinicians are working on the orders, order sets and will soon start working on documentation templates. In the meantime, here are some cool new things we’ll be able to do in our new EHR that we can’t do right now:

  1. We’ll be able to upload pictures of patients onto the toolbar to improve patient safety
  2. Patients will be able to send clinicians pictures and videos via the patient portal
  3. Physicians and APPs will be able to review patient data, renew prescriptions, and send secure messages via mobile apps.
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Expanded options for Meducation discharge medication list

Starting at the end of July, our Meducation discharge medication list will give users more options for discharging clinicians. We are introducing Clock Mode which allows more specific timing of medications. Currently, the calendar view defaults to the Universal Medication Schedule (UMS) with four intervals for dosing.… Continue Reading

New members of the physician/APP informatics team

We’re happy to announce two new members of our team. General surgeon Patrick Javid has joined our team to help represent several of the surgical specialties. Trevor McLay, as part of the APP fellowship, has also recently joined our team and will bring extensive experience and will represent the APP perspective and also that of the MCC team.… Continue Reading

Pork avoidance decision support

We will be putting in new clinical decision support to help avoid administration of pork product-derived medications to those patients and families who would like to avoid them. Certain medications have been “tagged” and when ordered, will elicit an alert. These patients must have the appropriate “problem” on their problem list:

Problem list:



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Medical Student Documentation May Be Used to Support Inpatient Billing Starting Jan 28th

From Brett Leggett, MD

New CMS requirements allow for use of a complete medical student note to support billing as long as strict requirements are met.  A resident and/or attending must be physically present during the performance of the student’s history and exam, and the history and exam must be re-performed by the attending before validating the student’s documented findings. … Continue Reading

Suggestions for improvement?

Recently, an opinion piece in the New England Journal of Medicine described a program for getting clinicians engaged in EMR redesign. The organization solicited ideas for getting rid of processes that didn’t make sense or did not add value. It acknowledged that many of these processes seemed like good ideas at the time, but may no longer be helpful.… Continue Reading

New, improved version of Meducation

On September 12 a new version of the Meducation discharge med list app became available. It will look similar to the current list, and will have a cool new feature that automatically saves the document to CIS. Nurses no longer need to print and scan a second copy. Clinicians now simply need to click the green Finish button and the document will automatically save a PDF to the Medication Instructions folder within the Interim and Discharge documents folder.… Continue Reading

New decision support for patients with pain management care plans

Patients with specific pain management care plans may need different strategies when in need of analgesics or sedatives. A new decision support system will alert prescribers when they enter a medication order for either opioids or benzodiazepines, to assure that they are making an informed decision.… Continue Reading

The iPads are Here!

Seattle Children’s will be deploying iPads to patients in clinical areas. See the information below for specifics. The link needs to be accessed internally.

iPad logistics

  • The surgical unit is first phase of inpatient deployment.  Using a pilot to test operations, adoption and to identify any issues and learning for subsequent roll outs.
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MySeattleChildren’s Patient Portal Changes

We will begin offering access to our clinical portal (MySeattleChildren’s) this summer to our 13-17 year old patient population.  This is an important step forward in engaging our patients in managing their own care.  Parents/guardians of this age range will have proxy access to include ability to message with providers/clinic staff, view appointments, and view allergies only.… Continue Reading

Ongoing efforts to reduce alert fatigue

As part of our continuous effort to reduce clinician alert fatigue we have made an additional change to CIS. Last month, we removed topical medications from the list of items that require entry of a dose calc weight first. We have now added all general diagnostic radiology and ultrasound to that list.… Continue Reading

Dose calc weight no longer required for topicals!

Until recently, CIS required the provider to enter a dose calc weight before ordering ANY new medication order. We’ve now changed this, and removed topical medications (skin, ophthalmic, etc.) from this decision support. That means that the dose calc weight will not be required, either new or updated, when entering topical medications.… Continue Reading

PT/OT/Speech making the transition to Powernote

Currently, PT/OT/Speech clinicians complete their documentation in 3M ChartScript. This means that providers who need to co-sign these notes need to enter the 3M application to sign the. For some providers, this is the only remaining reason to go to 3M. Starting some time in June, therapists will move to using CIS Powernote, which will both simplify their note content and templates, and will make them able to be signed directly within CIS.… Continue Reading

New TPN ordering solution on the horizon?

Electronic TPN ordering?

A multi-disciplinary team representing CIS, clinical pharmacy, pharmacy IT, nutrition, and informatics participated in the first Seattle Children’s hackathon, working on a way to electronically order TPN for our patents. The proof of concept won this team a share of the first prize.… Continue Reading

Safety improvements coming with modify/suspend/resume

In our current state, if we want to change any detail on an intermittent medication in CIS, we need to cancel/reorder. This causes several issues, including:

  1. The timing is altered, and does not reflect the last administration of the medication, potentially causing a dosing error
  2. It creates multiple lines in the MAR, making historical review onerous

In addition, if we want to hold a medication, we have a less-than-ideal work around, with a home-grown order called “hold med.”… Continue Reading