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December Epic project updates

The Epic team is busy with finishing up Epic code build, continuing with clinical content build, and testing the system from front to back. The project governance groups continue to make important decisions that will guide how we build and use the system. Here are a few recent examples:


  • Surgical order set decisions
    • Each specialty will get at least one generic pre-op order set with some order sets for specific frequent procedures.
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November Epic Journey Update

We continue on the fast-paced Epic EHR project. Our Epic team is working on testing the system, and our clinician experts continue to work on content. We’re busy developing inpatient, ambulatory, and surgical order sets, with the goal of building over 500 order sets and order panels. We’re also working on documentation templates to make work as efficient and as complete as possible.… Continue Reading

The latest on the Epic Journey

Here is this month’s list of the biggest and latest Epic Journey decisions. As always, if you have questions about these items, reach out to us or go to the Epic Journey page on CHILD here.

Consent forms – we will be purchasing a large number of electronic consent pads for the ambulatory and pre-op areas in order to make better use of electronic consents for procedures and other places that need consents.… Continue Reading

Lots of progress on the Epic project

We’ve decided to dedicate the entirety of this month’s newsletter to an Epic update. This will include examples of great collaboration, some big decisions made, and some upcoming decisions to be discussed.

Cultural transformation

  • Provider documentation – providers and our compliance and billing departments are collaborating to improve documentation quality and efficiency, reduce clinician burnout, and at the same time adhere to regulations.
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Integrated EHR Updates

Please see the link below for integrated EHR news and announcements. Recent events include:

1. Completion of the second of three rounds of adoption sessions
2. Creation of several more work groups in charge of EHR build decisions
3. Kick off of the Specialists Training Specialists program that recruits physicians and APPs to train their colleagues… Continue Reading

Medication Reconciliation Update

It’s been a few months since our last medication reconciliation update. Here’s the latest data. A few months ago we made a change that turned off the auto-continue of home medications with the hope that this would trigger further review of the home med list. We’ve seen our rates further decrease a bit down to a running average of a 12% error rate.… Continue Reading

CIS work to begin winding down soon

While we continue to do work in CIS, the scope of this work will start winding down soon. Our IT and informatics team are working hard to plan and build for our new Epic integrated EHR. Some work has continued in CIS, and this has included new orders and order sets, and other changes. We will continue to make enhancements to CIS in response to regulatory, safety, and other organizational goals.… Continue Reading

Integrated EHR Update

Our integrated EHR project is in full swing. Many decisions were made in direction sessions by physician/APP champions and subject matter experts, and these allowed the IT team to begin building our system. Adoption sessions are 1/3 complete, and these will show our clinicians the decisions they made in our new system.… Continue Reading

Integrated EHR – what’s happening in informatics?

We’re well on our way in our integrated EHR project. We’re done with direction sessions, and adoption sessions are coming up in June, July and August. Many decisions have been made. Those decisions not made are being worked on in advisory councils and SME workgroups. In addition, clinical system design is kicking off, where we will start to design the content of the system, both generally and specialty-specific.… Continue Reading

Physician informatics structure is changing

We’re changing in order to better meet the needs of our clinicians, especially as our integrated EHR project ramps up. As our physician informatics team has expanded, we’re going to assign 3-5 specialties to each of our physicians. We will send this out in the next few weeks. Here is our current Physican Informatics team.… Continue Reading

Informatics newsletter becoming more secure

Next month, the Seattle Children’s Informatics Newsletter will become Okta secured. What does this mean?

It means that we will use our standard way of accessing more secure information. By putting our newsletter behind the Okta system, we will now be able to add more screen content, including EHR screenshots.… Continue Reading

Integrated EHR Updates

EHR Updates

  • Support for legacy systems has transitioned to a third-party vendor
  • Third-party solution planning is underway
  • Members of the project team are starting training
  • In February, the teams working on the integrated EHR will be moving to the 4th floor at 818 Stewart
  • The integrated EHR project guide will be made available later this month; the guide provides an overview of the implementation project
  • Coming soon: an org-chart showing the structure of the project team
  • We’ll be piloting MS Teams as one of project’s communication channels
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EMR Training Changes Coming

What’s New ?

Virtual Training Model – starting February 19th, EMR training will be web-based augmented by virtual training/support as needed.

Get Trained at Home or Office – a team of Cerner training consultants are available to support your training needs, virtually using WebEx Training Center, Monday – Friday, from 0600-1930, except SCH holidays.Continue Reading

Integrated EHR web site

Interested in finding out more about the integrated EHR project? Simply go to the following page on CHILD:


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Monthly medication reconciliation update

Congrats to the divisions with the highest quality and biggest improvements.

med rec2

However, our discharge medication reconciliation quality rates have plateaued.

med rec 1

Therefore, we will be making a change to our discharge med rec settings in CIS on January 24. Now, upon discharge from the inpatient and day surgery settings, prescribers will be required to individually address each home medication, deciding whether to continue or discontinue.… Continue Reading